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Recent updates


Boss locations up to Faerie River have been added to the world map.


Added a mitigation calculator

Added a gold per hour calculator


Dead Coast, Blood Bog, Jagged Sands & Jungle of Slumber have been added to the world map.

Mobile mode has been added to the world map, which offers longer battery life in exchange for the eye-candy in the original desktop mode.

Note that both modes offer the full set of features; so feel free to use either version at any time!


Zones on the world map are now highlighted in different colors based on level.


The new items database is live. It may be missing some information, use the old databases if so.


Added an epic task tracker.


Added Legendairy Cow to the legendary pets page

Planned updates (short term)

Haste calculator

Crit calculator

Comprehensive build calculator

Planned updates (long term)


Boss locations

Customer service

Mobile app