Enchanting information

Enchanting is the process of creating new items (stones and essences) via the Enchanting Rod. Positive attributes (those that add stats) are placed in the left slot. Negative attributes (those that remove stats) are placed in the right slot.

Enchanting Stones

Choosing an enchanting stone size

I will not go into which stats you should choose, that is a much deeper topic than this page is designed for. The basics of choosing a stone involve choosing a "positive" stat the stone will add, and a "negative" stat the stone will remove. These numbers need to be equal, and are usually written as "+stat/-stat" when advertising. For example: "+39 str/-39 dex."

The maximum stone you can choose is the total of stats on the item multiplied by 2. For example, an item with 3 str and 4 dex can take a maximum stone of +14/-14.

Creating Enchanting Stones

Stones up to +30 use the tiers of resources required by the +/- you desire. For example, a +30 str -30 dex would use a Tier 30 dye in the left slot and a Tier 30 leather in the right slot.

Stones above +30 require the use of "chance" materials. By combining a tier 18 leather and tier 18 rodent part, you come up with a 33% chance to achieve a +36 dex stone.

The materials required for enchanting stones are as follows:

100% chance materials:

Dye: Str
Leather: Dex
Bone: Pst
Scale: Int
Cloth: Cnc
Geode: Mst
Sinew: Agi
Thread: Cnt
Plank: Dur
Ingot: Pre
Skin: Mre
Oil: Reg

33% chance materials (stones using these materials may require multiple attempts):

Wood: Str, Int, or Pst
Prey: Pst, Cnt, or Str
Silks: Pst, Int, or Mre
Plants: Mst, Agi, or Cnt
Fish: Mst, Dur, or Agi
Vegetables: Pre, Reg, or Dur
Rodent: Dex, Reg, or Cnc
Ore: Str, Agi, or Cnt

By opening the enchanting rod and not placing materials in it, you can create a blank stone, used to wipe existing enchantments from an item.

If you have used your enchanting rod for any purpose since your last log in, you must log out completely and log back in to clear crafting memory before you can make blank stones again.

Applying Enchanting Stones

Applying the stone is as simple as placing both the stone and the item to be enchanted in your inventory, right clicking the stone, and selecting "Use Tool," then clicking the item to be enchanted. Any previous enchantments will be wiped and the new enchantment will be applied.

Legendary Essences

Creating a Legendary Armor Essence

To create a Legendary armor essence, you need a tier 30 dust and a tier 30 cloth, as well as 115 in the Armorcrafting skill. Place both into the enchanting rod and select "Submit" to create a random armor essence.

Creating a Legendary Shield Essence

The process for creating a Legendary shield essence is the same as creating a Legendary armor essence, however, it requires 115 in the Woodworking skill and a tier 30 scale rather than a tier 30 cloth.

Morphing Legendary Armor

Morphing Legendary armor to a different type requires 3 items: an armor essence of the type you desire, a piece of Legendary armor from which to morph, and 100 heroic essences. Place them in the enchanting rod in the following order: Armor Essence top left, Armor top right, heroic essences directly below armor essence.Click "submit" to morph the armor. The process is exactly the same for shields.

Uptiering and downtiering resources

Uptiering Resources

In order to uptier a resource, place an even amount in the top right corner of the enchanting rod and click "Submit" to uptier. You will receive 1/2 the amount you placed in, but at one tier higher than you started with.

Downtiering Resources

In order to downtier a resource, place an odd amount in the top right corner of the enchanting rod and click "Submit" to downtier. You will receive between 100% and 200% of the amount you placed in, but at one tier lower than what you started with.

Creating trophies from resins

Creating trophies from resin
Crafting trophies from resins is now a viable option. The xp of trophies crafted via this method is based entirely on the gold value of the resins placed in the rod. Use the largest stack you can for efficiency. See this announcement for further details.
In order to craft trophies from resins, simply place a stack of resins in the upper left slot of the enchanting rod (right will uptier/downtier the resins, not craft them).

Further resources:

Brother has created a fantastic enchanting video Here