Free Reroll or Paid Reroll?

A good rule of thumb is that if you have any LG gear, do a paid reroll. If you don't, then go the free reroll route. Keep in mind a paid reroll is 5 TCs. And if you do a free reroll, move all your gear to another toon, or it'll be auto-sold. On free rerolls, you keep Travel gear, Gold, TCs, Gift Boxes, Expanders, and nothing else. Everything else would be sold and you get the gold value.

Before Reroll

Before you reroll, you should prepare some. Here's a list of things to know and be aware of:

After Reroll

After you reroll, you start off in the first town, Castille, also known as t1. Here are some tips:

Pro Tips

Here are a few tips for those with specific goals in mind. These are more for those who have previously rerolled and are more experienced with the game:

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