Checklist for Beast Zones

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Abandoned Docks
Traveler's Way
Troll Bridge
Ashen Trail
Fern Grove
Spruce Woods
Moss Dungeon Level 1
South Passage
South Dread Mountains
Petrified Forest
Orc Camp
North Passage
Moss Dungeon Level 2
North Dread Mountains
Active Volcano
Obsidian Swamp
Moss Dungeon Level 3
Orc Fortress
Halcyon River
Ogre Foothills
Ogre Caves
Moss Dungeon Level 4
Snow Hills
Skeleton Coast
Tempest Shallows
Islands of Dreval
Moss Dungeon Level 5
Palm Oasis
Goblin Mountains
Bat Caves
Vampire Dungeon Level 1
Glacier River
Tundra Wastelands
Ice Lake
Alkaline Lake
Ice Cave River
Snake River
Vampire Dungeon Level 2
Cyprus Forest
Bog Swamp
Bog Foothills
Ancient Oak
Snow Forest
Dungeon of Rot Level 1
Birch Forest
Arena Isle
Corel Wreckage
Geyser Valley
Desert Flats
Drevina Sea
Oil Swamp
Canyon Edge
Jungle Canopy
Jun River
Roggork Hills
Dungeon of Rot Level 2
Beach Cliffs
Roggork Peaks
Desert Dunes
Ocean of Sorrow
Merfolk Island
Merfolk Dungeon Level 1
Merfolk Dungeon Level 2
Mount Whitecap
Great Plateau
Dungeon of Rot Level 3
Halcyon Rapids
South Lake Halcyon
The Great Dam
North Lake Halcyon
Sandy Beach
Deadman's Valley
Goblin Swamp
Vampire Dungeon Level 3
Vampire Dungeon Level 4
Fungi Forest
Merfolk Dungeon Level 3
Redwood Forest
Endless Canyon
Pit of Eternity
Dungeon Abyss Level 1
Dungeon Abyss Level 2
Ridge Mountains
Frozen Volcano
River of Souls
Faerie Cemetery
Faerie River
Faerie Forest
River Bridge
Blood Lake
Dark Mountains
Forest of No Return
Castle Ruins
Dungeon of Ruin Level 1
Dungeon of Ruin Level 2
Dungeon of Ruin Level 3
Halcyon River Mouth
Ancient Rocklands
Dead Coast
Blood Bog
Moss Dungeon Level 6
Jagged Sands
Jungle of Slumber